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Why don’t I see the armor?GoGo Gear has been carefully designed to eliminate the appearance of the more common bulky looking armor, one of the main complaints of traditional riding gear. The armor used in GoGo Gear is very similar to what is in most gear; however, because of the design and construction, we have been able to virtually make the armor disappear.What kind of armor are you using?All of our armor is CE-certified. The armor is located in the elbow and shoulder (EN1621-1) and in the back (EN1621-2). This is comparable to what you’ll find in many of the most popular brands of riding jackets on the market today.Where is the abrasion resistant fabric? I don’t see it.As with the armor, we disguise the abrasion resistant fabric so that it does not detract from the appearance of the jacket. We cover it with a “fashion” layer of fabric, sometimes knit, sometimes a wool or acrylic, it all depends on the style. The abrasion resistant fabric is sewn throughout the entire coat to provide the maximum coverage area.What kind of abrasion resistant fabric are you using?For most of our jacket styles that have a “fashion” fabric on the outside, we are using a 600-denier polyester abrasion resistant fabric. For those jackets that do not have a “fashion” fabric on the exterior, we use a 1000-denier polyester abrasion resistant fabric. In some cases, we may use a 1000-denier nylon abrasion resistant fabric, it all depends on the style and the type of riding the jacket is best used for. For our warmest weather riding jackets, we use a 600-denier polyester abrasion resistant fabric to keep the jacket as lightweight as possible.Are the jackets waterproof?The outer layer of fabric on several of our jackets is waterproof; however, that does not mean they won’t get (or stay) wet! The outer layer of fabric has a bonded film between two pieces of fabric that prevent water from permeating the fabric. In additional to this top layer of fabric, there is a layer of abrasion resistant fabric and then a lining that all stand between you and the rain. It should be noted that these are NOT rain jackets, they are waterproof in the sense that they will keep you dry if it does rain but should NOT be worn as traditional rain gear. The best protection against the rain is to use a rain jacket and rain pants for riding in stormy weather.What about reflective details?All of our jackets have reflective details. We try to locate them strategically so they don’t detract from the appearance of the jacket. For example, we might place reflective fabric inside or outside the collar; inside the cuff so you can turn it over to make visible at your choosing and on the reverse side of our belts, again so you can decide when you want it to be visible. In addition, our reflective details are actually part of the design of our jackets so that not only do you get the reflective qualities, they enhance the sleek look of the jackets which set them apart in the design aspects of most women’s overcoats.What about ventilation?Depending on the type of riding you do, we have jackets with zippers in the armpit area to open for ventilation. In other cases, we have jackets with fully ventilated size panels for those riders in hot weather riding conditions.What about the “fit” of the jackets?GoGo Gear jackets are cut with traditional European fit which means they are cut small. For the purpose of ordering, you should assume at least one size larger than your normal US sizing IF you plan to wear the jacket without layers. You might want to consider two sizes larger if you plan on layering. It will all depend on the style of jacket you select.Why are the arms so snug?We made the arms extra snug so that the armor doesn’t move around in the sleeves. The armor will lose its effectiveness if the armor is moving around inside the sleeves. This is common in many riding jackets that have been adapted from men’s to women’s sizes. In addition, for many women, they will have to select a size that is not optimal for their body type and results in an ill-fitting jackets; hence, armor that does not fit snugly in the sleeve. It may take some getting used to the snug sleeves but if you are concerned about the snug fit, we suggest you select a jacket one size larger than you otherwise might select.
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Dimensions30 × 30 × 15 cm