Aprilia SR GT 125


SR GT 125 S Blue
The new SG GT 125 (coming soon)


Aprilia SR GT 125: The first “Urban Adventure” scooter THE FIRS by Aprilia makes its debut.



i-get 125 engine

SG GT 125 offers outstanding performance comes courtesy of the 11kW i-get 125 engine with Start & Stop RISS, for a super-smooth, exhilarating riding experience.

Sportiness that goes beyond looks

The sporting soul of the SR GT 125 is clear at a glance, with gritty, original lines, sporty finishing details, high-quality materials and Italian style. The wide naked handlebar is pure motorcycle while the double-cradle steel frame and noteworthy suspension adjustment create a distance of just 175 mm from the ground, making it fast, agile and absolutely unstoppable when it comes to obstacles.

Every day becomes an adventure

The style of the SR GT invites action and fun, but it is also perfectly suited to running about town, with a 25-litre under seat compartment that can hold a full helmet. There is also a handy USB port in the leg shield back plate and an advanced LCD dashboard. If you choose the Aprilia MIA optional extra, you can connect your phone via Bluetooth to the handlebar controls.

Control and precision
The compact design feature reduced overhangs and tight, dynamic lines that emphasise its sporty nature. The 9-litre fuel tank is positioned in the central tunnel to leave space for an ergonomic footwell with an external part that recalls the protection of an off-roader. This creates a more forward and “active” riding position, but also enables you to place your feet further forward if you want to adopt a more relaxed riding style.
The instrumentation is fully digital, the large LCD display providing all vehicle data, as well as a wide range of travel information, which can be selected with the MODE button on the left-hand control block. If the APRILIA MIA connectivity system (available on request) is present, once a smartphone is connected to the vehicle via Bluetooth, the instrument panel will also display notifications regarding incoming calls and messages. The system also enables call management using the specific connectivity button on the right-hand control block and the use of vocal commands to make calls or play music, by activating a playlist.


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