About Us

Scooteria is Sydney’s largest & most established reputable scooter dealer, providing our customers with a wide-ranging selection of the best international scooter brands and models. Vespa, Piaggio, and SYM. Visit us at our showroom to touch, feel and see the scooter that suits you! Our range on floor is comprehensive and our prices ultra competitive, you can scooter away same day….see you soon!

Scooters are growing in numbers in Asian countries. The scooters come in many shapes, sizes and forms. You will see some of the strangest scooters in both the cities and the country-side. This is especially true in the larger cities as affluence grows. The scooters is quickly replacing the bicycle. You can see their growth in numbers with each visit.

One of the reason that scooters become popular in Asia is the scooter is very easy to use. They tend to be quite similar to motorcycles, however, unlike a motorcycle the engine of the scooter is located below the seat and above the rear axle. The scooter is also significantly lighter than a motorcycle and the step through frame creates a feature where riders can rest their feet on a platform or foot rest instead of pedals.

Another advantages is that they are economical. All over the world, motor scooters are a popular form of urban transportation due to their low cost. The price depends on many factors including whether you're buying a high quality name brand versus an inexpensive and low quality model, the engine size that can range from 150cc to over 800cc, and the features you may want. In Asia, most beginning models can start below $1000. At Scooteria, we offer you a range of quality scooters depending on your budget and desires.